Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Three on Tuesday

1. Emerald Green is in the fashion magazines this season. Emerald is one of my favorite shades of green (along with avocado and lime and olive and moss and sage... oh, I guess I just like green in general!). InStyle magazine had a great suggestion for makeup: wear a little purple around your eyes when you wear emerald green clothing. Obviously you want to do this carefully--these two colors together look like a Mardi Gras party. But why stop with makeup? Why not wear a chunky purple necklace with an emerald green blouse?

2. Susan Isaacs twittered about a free trade jewelry website: Big Village. I found these amazing earrings there:

Be aware that this is a Canadian company, and the exchange rate is not what it used to be.

3. Don't miss Shari Braendel's advice on fall fashion.

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