Monday, August 8, 2011

Denim and Turquoise

Look at this: Denim and Turquoise. What a fun combination! It's a modern twist on western wear.

I've been browsing turquoise-colored accessories.

Emitations has this lovely bangle:

If you want some extra bursts of color, check Shopmamie:

HSN has some clearance options, including this:

TwystedCreations has a whimsical beaded necklace.

I love the handmade look of this turquoise chip necklace. Wouldn't it be great with black denim?

For a new twist on denim and pearls, this bracelet would be fun:

For a soft feminine style, this would be beautiful with an ivory shirt and jeans or a denim skirt:

How do you dress up denim?


  1. I love denim and turquoise together!

  2. I like the Twysted Creations necklace, myself--things that are too chunky don't look right on me. But I do like the look of denim with turquoise.

    I wonder--is turquoise ever worn with gold? Silver-tones are also not best for me, but I do think it's beautiful!

    And, I tried the scarf-on-a-purse look today, and LOVED it! Thank you very much for showing us that.

  3. Yes, I have seen turquoise with gold! Especially if you're not looking for "real" turquoise and just wanting to capture the color. For example, this: