Monday, August 29, 2011

Monday Oops

I think I'll do a series of Monday Oops Posts. Nothing cheers up a Monday like reading about someone else's failures, right?

I am blessed to be a Homeschool Mom to three fabulous females. This year I have a fifth grader, a second grader and a first grader.

We started school last week--just a couple subjects each day--and today we jumped into almost the full schedule for my fifth grader. My littles need help remembering their reading skills, so we are concentrating on that before diving into their complete routine.

I had this great idea for a photo. I bought the Homeschool Super Mom shirt:

and each of my daughters has a Homeschool Girl shirt from Great Products.

The girls all had new dresses for the first day of school last week, but of course Middle Child got confused and put on her Homeschool Girl shirt that day. She brought it to me and traded it for her first day of school dress.

Today was T-shirt day.

And today Homeschool SuperMom can not find Middle Child's shirt. It is gone.

Of course Middle Child doesn't care. Why would she want to match everyone? photo.

Any wardrobe goofs at your house today?

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  1. I am so excited to say NOOOOO!!!!! We set everything out the night before, and had no wardrobe disappearances or malfunctions... What are the odds of that??? 1 in a million, I tell ya!! The stars must be aligning on the clothes line today, hahaha