Sunday, August 14, 2011


Graphic T-shirts haven't been a major part of my wardrobe since I was a teen. Last year, however, I saw some ideas (probably in InStyle magazine) for exactly what to do with a Graphic T-shirt. I thought they were just something to throw on when you're wearing jeans, but this article showed t-shirts under blazers and vests, and accompanied by brightly colored scarves. That sounded fun.

So I started looking for cool t-shirts. I found this one from OregonTuff:

I love the combination of Sacagawea and Rosie the Riveter. I like the image of a strong and capable woman. (Check out the OregonTuff website in the link above for more Northwest-theme shirts if you live there.) I wore the shirt under a denim vest.

And then I found these on Etsy:

Ahhh. Pirates. My husband was Captain Jack Sparrow for a our daughter's birthday party several years ago, and I've had a thing for pirates ever since. This shirt is made out of the softest fabric ever.

It's a British brolly! This shirt looks great with dark skinny jeans.

Today I discovered a site with homeschool t-shirts, and this one is calling my name:
I think it's on sale tomorrow.

Now here's a shirt that is very appropriate. The illustration is shown on a towel but is also available as a shirt:

And yes. Yes, I do randomly quote Jane Austen. I would love to find a shirt that showed Elizabeth Bennett is a sort of Wonder-Woman pose, or somehow represented in superhero fashion.

Of course I might need a coffee-themed shirt eventually:

And one last shirt on my wishlist:

How do you feel about t-shirts? Fun? Fashionable? Or something to wear when you're mopping the floor?

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