Friday, August 19, 2011

Fantasy Friday: tartan skirt

Every year in April we attend a Celtic Festival. It's held in a park where peacocks roam freely, their colorful feathers blending with the kilt-wearing men and women who stroll around playing bagpipes and dancing in Irish or Scottish traditions.

I always look for a kilt or a tartan skirt, but they're rather expensive, and women's kilts tend to be very short or very long.

I found a tartan skirt online that I absolutely love. It's a straight skirt, which is more flattering for me than an A-line, and it's just below knee-length. The price keeps it a Fantasy Friday item (not to mention the very short season in which the desert is cool enough to wear a wool skirt), but I do love to look at it.

Wouldn't this be fabulous in fall with a pair of riding boots?
I'd choose the Irish National tartan:

How about you? Is there an item on your clothing wish list that reflects your heritage?

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  1. Wow, do real people spend that much money on a skirt? Obviously they do, but it's just beyond my imagination. I do love that skirt though.

    I don't have a heritage, or rather I have too many heritages - English, French, Scot, German, Dutch and probably something else in there! I'm not sure there's a clothing item to encompass all of those!