Friday, August 5, 2011

Update your purse

I want a new bag. A big bag, to carry all my stuff to Bible study. This is not a need. I have several large bags. I'm just tired of them. I was trying to talk myself into carrying a very plain brown bag that I already have, when I noticed a great trend in InStyle. A whole page is devoted to photos of scarves tied on purses! I found a bunch of similar pictures at

Wow! I'll tie a green leopard print scarf on my blah brown bag! Or maybe a flowered orange scarf with sparkly gold threads running through it.

I want to try this on several different styles of purses, fitting the style of scarf to the purse: a fringed and flowered scarf on a hobo bag, a solid color scarf on an animal print bag, and a colorful paisley scarf on a more structured solid color purse. This will be a great way to use some smaller scarves that I never wear around my neck.

If you are in the market for a whole new purse, do check out this week's What to Wear Wednesdays.

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