Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Three on Tuesday

1. Emerald Green is in the fashion magazines this season. Emerald is one of my favorite shades of green (along with avocado and lime and olive and moss and sage... oh, I guess I just like green in general!). InStyle magazine had a great suggestion for makeup: wear a little purple around your eyes when you wear emerald green clothing. Obviously you want to do this carefully--these two colors together look like a Mardi Gras party. But why stop with makeup? Why not wear a chunky purple necklace with an emerald green blouse?

2. Susan Isaacs twittered about a free trade jewelry website: Big Village. I found these amazing earrings there:

Be aware that this is a Canadian company, and the exchange rate is not what it used to be.

3. Don't miss Shari Braendel's advice on fall fashion.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Monday Oops

I think I'll do a series of Monday Oops Posts. Nothing cheers up a Monday like reading about someone else's failures, right?

I am blessed to be a Homeschool Mom to three fabulous females. This year I have a fifth grader, a second grader and a first grader.

We started school last week--just a couple subjects each day--and today we jumped into almost the full schedule for my fifth grader. My littles need help remembering their reading skills, so we are concentrating on that before diving into their complete routine.

I had this great idea for a photo. I bought the Homeschool Super Mom shirt:

and each of my daughters has a Homeschool Girl shirt from Great Products.

The girls all had new dresses for the first day of school last week, but of course Middle Child got confused and put on her Homeschool Girl shirt that day. She brought it to me and traded it for her first day of school dress.

Today was T-shirt day.

And today Homeschool SuperMom can not find Middle Child's shirt. It is gone.

Of course Middle Child doesn't care. Why would she want to match everyone?

So...no photo.

Any wardrobe goofs at your house today?

Friday, August 26, 2011

Fantasy Friday: Pixie Cuts

My fantasy hairstyle is a pixie cut.

Like Victoria Beckham

or Margaret Feinberg

(That's a great book, by the way.)

But my hair is too curly. I've asked several stylists and they refuse to cut my hair that way. It just won't work for me. Sigh.

So instead I'm going to ask for this look at my next hair appointment:

I was so happy when Melanie Moore won So You Think You Can Dance, because I knew that meant it would be easy to find a photo of her to take to my hair stylist.

Do you have a fantasy hair style? Something you would love to do if you had a different hair texture or more patience with styling aids or longer hair or ....

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Style and the Middle Child

My oldest daughter chooses her clothes based on comfort. She likes long shapeless knit dresses.

My youngest daughter usually throws on the first clothes she sees in the morning. She might wear a sweater in July or a sleeveless dress in December. She is never cold or hot, and she manages to squeeze her size 5 self into size 2T shorts. Once in awhile she gets bored with her clothing and lies in the middle of the floor saying, "Oh I have lots of clothes, I just don't feel like wearing any of them."

My middle child looks for three things in clothing: pink, leopard print and bling. When she was four she wore a tiara constantly. She wore it to Walmart and to the park and after awhile I hardly noticed it. It was just part of her.

She is also the tomboy of the family. She smashes bugs with her pink shoes and she climbs trees while wearing a tutu.

Sometimes my youngest daughter will decide to match the middle child, but never the other way around. Middle child has no need to match anyone.

On Sunday I painted my nails a dark purple color. Oldest daughter came along and I did her nails the same color. Youngest daughter watched us and asked for lavender nails (youngest likes long words--lavender is preferable to purple).

And then we all showed our nails to the middle child: "Look! It's purple fingernail day!"

"Very pretty," she said softly, "may I choose my own color?"

And she chose sparkly peach.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Three on Tuesday

I know, I know, everyone else writes "Five on Friday" posts, but I'm already posting "Fantasy Friday" on that day of the week.

So why not Three on Tuesday?

So...Three Things That Caught My Attention Recently:

This DIY necklace project at the Pretty Life Anonymous. Simple. Beautiful. Wearable. Customizable.

This straight purple skirt at What I Wore. I love the way she paired purple with leopard print, and the skirt looks so versatile. I'd like to find a green skirt in that style.

This bag on sale at ninewest.com. It's casual with a hint of elegance.

What caught your attention online this week? Any beautiful clothing...accessories...sales...???

Monday, August 22, 2011

Fall Color: Bordeaux

Shari Braendel, author of Good Girls Don't Have to Dress Bad, recommended bordeaux as a fashionable color for fall.

I thought I couldn't wear bordeaux. I thought my red hair would clash with it. I avoid red and pink tones in clothing. Shari suggested I try wearing a few accessories in bordeaux with a color that works well for me: olive.

That sounded like such a fresh and fun color combination, I just had to try it.

So I've been collecting accessories in bordeaux.

This wrap

to wear with this moss green shirt (moss is very close to olive, right?).

This scarf

which I will probably wear with an indigo denim shirt and an olive skirt or olive jeans, and big olive earrings.

I found this amazing nail polish, which is a color somewhere between bordeaux and black. I'll wear it with my connemara marble ring.

And my husband crocheted a hat for me. Yes. My husband rocks.

It fits kind of like this hat, except I wear it a little further back on my head:

Last week I was hunting in my garage for a curriculum guide I need for my children this year and I found a beautiful Bible cover.
I thought I gave this away years ago, but here it is, and just the right size for carrying my parellel Bible, my keys, wallet and phone to church. It's the fall color and it works with this fall's purse shape as well. I updated it with a scarf.

What color is calling to you this fall?

Friday, August 19, 2011

Fantasy Friday: tartan skirt

Every year in April we attend a Celtic Festival. It's held in a park where peacocks roam freely, their colorful feathers blending with the kilt-wearing men and women who stroll around playing bagpipes and dancing in Irish or Scottish traditions.

I always look for a kilt or a tartan skirt, but they're rather expensive, and women's kilts tend to be very short or very long.

I found a tartan skirt online that I absolutely love. It's a straight skirt, which is more flattering for me than an A-line, and it's just below knee-length. The price keeps it a Fantasy Friday item (not to mention the very short season in which the desert is cool enough to wear a wool skirt), but I do love to look at it.

Wouldn't this be fabulous in fall with a pair of riding boots?
I'd choose the Irish National tartan:

How about you? Is there an item on your clothing wish list that reflects your heritage?

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Denim Shirts!

I love denim shirts. They are such great neutrals when wearing bold accessories. An Amazon seller has a good deal right now on a pack of two sleeveless denim shirts. I think the sleeveless shirt season in the desert is longer than the sleeveless shirt season in the department stores, so I like to find online options.

Monday, August 15, 2011

A Colorful Cover

This doesn't have anything to do with fashion, but it is colorful.

Here's the cover art for my new book:

From the back cover:

Do you need a hero? I'm not talking about a flying man in a mask, but someone whose life is a pattern of service and surrender to God.

Only for My King is a book of heroes. In every chapter you will meet a Biblical example, a historical hero, a contemporary Christian and someone I know personally. They are artists, poets, missionaries and mothers. Each of them will point you to Jesus—the only perfect hero.

You will read scriptures that assure you of the Lord's care and support, hum along with hymns that put scriptures into poetry and pray through Psalms that express the desires of your heart.

This book is not a call to lengthen your To Do List, but an encouragement to surrender each area of your life to your King, trusting Him to empower you for His glory. The old hymn “Take My Life and Let It Be” serves as a framework to pray through our lives, responsibilities and talents as we surrender to Jesus Christ: the King we serve and the Friend we love.

...You serve the Lord Christ. (Colossians 3:24)

Only for my King will be available in a few weeks. Watch ruthjleamy.com for updates.

It's a great day for a scarf!

Ok, maybe you don't want to wear one around your neck in August, but TextileMonster at Etsy is having a Free Shipping day. Remember, you can always put a scarf on your purse or around your head (which is a great way to hide the fact that you might need a haircut or a hair color refresh).

The scarves labelled "Neck Tissues" are a great length for head wraps. Necklace scarves are an "eternity scarf" shape and are wonderful if you like a very loose scarf effect. For most of the year in the desert, it is just too warm to have a scarf very close to one's neck, and these are a wonderful option. They are shown doubled in the photos, but they don't have to be worn that way.

Some of my favorites:

Sunday, August 14, 2011


Graphic T-shirts haven't been a major part of my wardrobe since I was a teen. Last year, however, I saw some ideas (probably in InStyle magazine) for exactly what to do with a Graphic T-shirt. I thought they were just something to throw on when you're wearing jeans, but this article showed t-shirts under blazers and vests, and accompanied by brightly colored scarves. That sounded fun.

So I started looking for cool t-shirts. I found this one from OregonTuff:

I love the combination of Sacagawea and Rosie the Riveter. I like the image of a strong and capable woman. (Check out the OregonTuff website in the link above for more Northwest-theme shirts if you live there.) I wore the shirt under a denim vest.

And then I found these on Etsy:

Ahhh. Pirates. My husband was Captain Jack Sparrow for a our daughter's birthday party several years ago, and I've had a thing for pirates ever since. This shirt is made out of the softest fabric ever.

It's a British brolly! This shirt looks great with dark skinny jeans.

Today I discovered a site with homeschool t-shirts, and this one is calling my name:
I think it's on sale tomorrow.

Now here's a shirt that is very appropriate. The illustration is shown on a towel but is also available as a shirt:

And yes. Yes, I do randomly quote Jane Austen. I would love to find a shirt that showed Elizabeth Bennett is a sort of Wonder-Woman pose, or somehow represented in superhero fashion.

Of course I might need a coffee-themed shirt eventually:

And one last shirt on my wishlist:

How do you feel about t-shirts? Fun? Fashionable? Or something to wear when you're mopping the floor?

Friday, August 12, 2011

My fall wish list

Skinny jeans in misses sizes (Penney's misses jeans start at a size too big for me, and juniors sizes require a belt. I don't like belts.)

Green jeans in straight or skinny style

Boots--possibly riding boots--in brown, for less than $50

a tweed blazer in brown (I don't need this til winter, but I try to think ahead)

green ballet flats

a couple sleeveless blouses in basic colors

a couple feminine tank tops in basic colors

a denim pencil skirt

a ridiculously large colorful flowered ring
(I know where this is--it's at the Farmer's Market at Tivoli Village on Saturday mornings)

What's on your wish list?

Fantasy Friday: StyleFind

InStyle magazine has always been my favorite fashion magazine--it's just style without any gossip. I just discovered something on their website. It's called "Style Find" (you can go directly to stylefind.com) and it lists all the current trends in clothing and makeup and accessories with photos and links to buy the items.

I'm including this as a Fantasy, because most of the items there have over-the-top prices, but there are some real-life, stay-at-home-mom items too. For example, I clicked on "vests" and found one I like for $25, next to a fur vest for $975.

It's fun just to scroll through and see the different shapes and colors and textures.

In keeping with Friday's Fantasy theme, I'll show you a fringed vest which costs the equivalent of a month's rent and a car payment,

these amazing shoes that my cat would destroy in half an hour

and this colorful purse.

Don't wear all three at the same time. :)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Product Review: Rosebud Lip Balm

If you read my other blog, you already know all about my favorite lip balm. It's Rosebud lip balm, available in regular, mint, mocha, brambleberry or strawberry fragrances. I don't think the regular one has a fragrance at all. I love the mocha fragrance--it wakes me up while it moisturizes my lips.

Rosebud lip balms give me a bit of shine while enhancing my natural lip color. For a little more color, I use a nude-colored lip liner before applying the lip balm. This is a great way to get a neutral lip color to balance a bold eye makeup effect.

This lip balm has worked well for me whether I'm in the dry desert or the windy northwest. I've learned that in the desert summer, it's best to keep it at home rather than in my purse--it tends to melt.

Sometimes these metal tins are a little difficult to open, so I bought some empty plastic lip balm containers on ebay, and I scoop a little Rosebud lip balm into them.

What's your favorite lip product?

Monday, August 8, 2011

Denim and Turquoise

Look at this: Denim and Turquoise. What a fun combination! It's a modern twist on western wear.

I've been browsing turquoise-colored accessories.

Emitations has this lovely bangle:

If you want some extra bursts of color, check Shopmamie:

HSN has some clearance options, including this:

TwystedCreations has a whimsical beaded necklace.

I love the handmade look of this turquoise chip necklace. Wouldn't it be great with black denim?

For a new twist on denim and pearls, this bracelet would be fun:

For a soft feminine style, this would be beautiful with an ivory shirt and jeans or a denim skirt:

How do you dress up denim?

Saturday, August 6, 2011

My Favorite Etsy Jeweler: Mompotter

Mompotter makes beautiful jewelry at very affordable prices. Friend her on Facebook for an extra sale this weekend!

I like Mompotter's jewelry because it's affordable and durable enough for everyday wear, yet nice enough to wear to church or out to dinner.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Fantasy Friday: Fantastic Hats

On Fridays I like to discuss fantasy fashions--those beautiful things that I love to look at but will never wear.

Clothing fairy tales.

And in those clothing fairy tales, I wear hats. Of course I wear hats occasionally in real life, but the hats in my fantasy are not just any hats. These hats are suitable for a Countess.

Sophie, Countess of Wessex, to be precise. (She's married to Queen Elizabeth's youngest son, you know.)

My favorite royal hat-wearer.

I love the way she chooses hats in quiet neutral colors but the textures and the shapes of the hats take them over-the-top.

She does wear colorful hats too:

In a few days, I'll post photos of my Real Life Hats for Autumn. But none of them approach Sophie's hats in grandeur. And that's ok. My cats would eat the feathers.

I've been collecting these photos for several months, and I think most of them came from The Mad Hatter blog, which is the best royal hat blog ever.