Friday, August 12, 2011

Fantasy Friday: StyleFind

InStyle magazine has always been my favorite fashion magazine--it's just style without any gossip. I just discovered something on their website. It's called "Style Find" (you can go directly to and it lists all the current trends in clothing and makeup and accessories with photos and links to buy the items.

I'm including this as a Fantasy, because most of the items there have over-the-top prices, but there are some real-life, stay-at-home-mom items too. For example, I clicked on "vests" and found one I like for $25, next to a fur vest for $975.

It's fun just to scroll through and see the different shapes and colors and textures.

In keeping with Friday's Fantasy theme, I'll show you a fringed vest which costs the equivalent of a month's rent and a car payment,

these amazing shoes that my cat would destroy in half an hour

and this colorful purse.

Don't wear all three at the same time. :)

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