Thursday, August 25, 2011

Style and the Middle Child

My oldest daughter chooses her clothes based on comfort. She likes long shapeless knit dresses.

My youngest daughter usually throws on the first clothes she sees in the morning. She might wear a sweater in July or a sleeveless dress in December. She is never cold or hot, and she manages to squeeze her size 5 self into size 2T shorts. Once in awhile she gets bored with her clothing and lies in the middle of the floor saying, "Oh I have lots of clothes, I just don't feel like wearing any of them."

My middle child looks for three things in clothing: pink, leopard print and bling. When she was four she wore a tiara constantly. She wore it to Walmart and to the park and after awhile I hardly noticed it. It was just part of her.

She is also the tomboy of the family. She smashes bugs with her pink shoes and she climbs trees while wearing a tutu.

Sometimes my youngest daughter will decide to match the middle child, but never the other way around. Middle child has no need to match anyone.

On Sunday I painted my nails a dark purple color. Oldest daughter came along and I did her nails the same color. Youngest daughter watched us and asked for lavender nails (youngest likes long words--lavender is preferable to purple).

And then we all showed our nails to the middle child: "Look! It's purple fingernail day!"

"Very pretty," she said softly, "may I choose my own color?"

And she chose sparkly peach.

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