Monday, August 1, 2011

Crackle Nail Polish

When I browse InStyle magazine, I'm always a little annoyed at how out of touch they are with the budgets most of us live on. Their idea of an affordable piece of clothing is quite different from mine. However, there is one thing that is always within my reach: nail polish. My favorite current trend is the crackle effect.

It's very easy to do. I apply three coats of a base color (in the photo above it's a dark green by OPI called "Leaf Him at the Altar"), usually two coats one day and one the next. Then I add a crackle polish (this is the OPI black crackle). I recommend not starting to apply on your smallest nail first. It's too easy to get too much polish on the smallest nail, especially with the first swipe of the brush that's been soaking in the bottle since the last time you used it. Apply the polish to the middle of the nail first and then (without re-dipping it) apply to the sides. It will look thick at first and then thin out and crackle. I add a top coat to make this last longer and because my nails feel a little bumpy without it.

OPI makes a silver crackle that is a lot of fun too. I saw a cobalt blue crackle by Sally Hansen at Walgreen's. I think China Glaze makes quite a few different colors, and I've seen some bright crackle colors at Justice.

My favorite thing about this trend is that if my nails chip a little, it hides the chips well.

My children say this color combination makes my nails look like turtle shells. What do your nails look like this week?

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  1. I did gold with black crackle and it looked like leopard print :-)