Friday, September 2, 2011

Fantasy Friday: Athleta

I love to browse the Athleta catalog and website. Athleta models are all smiling women who surf and hike on beautiful beaches and mountain trails. Their hair is windblown yet perfect and they hike forested paths while wearing cute skirts. They also do yoga in beautiful locations.

I neither hike nor surf. I live in Las Vegas. No forest. No beaches except the fake ones on the Strip. And I like living here.

Athleta does have something I need in my desert life: sleeveless shirts. Athleta carries fabulous tank tops that have inner support like a bra--an actual bra not an elastic "shelf bra"--and they're sized like a bra.

And they are way out of my price range. That's why I mention this company on Fantasy Friday.

However, Athleta does have clearance sales. I bought one of those tank tops on clearance and I wore it at least twice a week the last two summers. It's still in great shape.

I also bought a swimsuit at Athleta a couple years ago and I loved it! Their idea of a "full coverage tankini bottom" was a bit different from mine, so I was thankful I bought the shorts to go over it!

This year I bought an Athleta tankini on ebay--I bought the two pieces from different sellers on Ebay. I like the individual fit that a tankini provides, and Athleta offers a "meet and greet" length so there's no gap between the tankini pieces. (I prefer not to get a sunburned tummy.) This time I made sure the tankini bottom was actually shorts.

If you're looking for a few summery items, check Athleta's clearance. You might find something in a non-fantasy price range.

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  1. Well, the yoga on a big piece of sandstone should be doable by you! :)