Sunday, September 4, 2011

Monday Oops: dramatic eyes

Several months ago I saw a fun eye makeup idea and I decided to try it at home. It included black eye shadow and green liquid eyeliner. It was easy to do -- a smoky eye with black on the outside of the eyelid blending to charcoal. I used a Kat Von D Autograph eyeliner in the color Peacock (my favorite eyeliner, which seems to be discontinued at Sephora). I liked what I saw in the mirror, but it was very dramatic. Very.

It would have been perfect makeup to go with a sparkly little dress and huge earrings. Or a concert t-shirt (U2, perhaps), skinny jeans and heels.

I thought I remembered that the eye shadow (from Ulta) faded quickly the previous time I wore it. "I'll have to remember this the next time Mark and I go out for dinner," I thought, and I went on with my day.

I taught the children's math lesson, we went grocery shopping, and we ate lunch. And then I happened to glance in the mirror again.

The eye shadow had not faded. Not at all.

The eye shadow was still very very dark. And sparkly too.

I'd been grocery noon...wearing out-to-dinner makeup, a gray t-shirt and jeans.


Please tell me all about your latest makeup oops.

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