Thursday, July 21, 2011


InStyle magazine recommends Tangerine as a color to add to your summer wardrobe this year. I feel ahead of the game--my closet already holds quite a bit of orange in various shades! It's a far friendlier color than many people realize. (Coral is a good starter color if you're easing into orange.)

Try an orange scarf loosely knotted around your neck, or as a stylish headwrap.
This is at Etsy Seller Textile Monster's shop.

Too warm for even a light scarf? How about a necklace? This is from my favorite Etsy jeweler: MomPotter at Ocean Breeze.

Feeling a little shy? Not quite ready for a big burst of orange? Try earrings. These are wonderful with green clothing. They're also at Mom Potter's shop.

JCPenney has a great sale this weekend. This blouse is on my wishlist. Here's a tiny closeup of its fabric.

I've been wearing this color for a week, and I love it: OPI Atomic Orange. I borrowed this photo from Amazon.

This was my favorite dress last year and I still love it.(Yes, I wore this year's hot color last year. I feel like such a trendsetter!) It's Calvin Klein, purchased for an affordable price at Burlington Coat Factory. (I was ecstatic to find the same dress in turquoise at Ross this year!)

Last year I wore it with lime green accessories. This year I've worn darker green or brown with it.

How do you feel about orange? What's your favorite summer color?


  1. I sort of live in blues, blue reds, blue greens, blue grays, blue blacks, and blue browns.
    I have trouble with oranges. Orange is on the oppisite side of the color wheel from blue. ;-)

  2. I'm not much of an orange gal myself, but my mom bought me a beautiful blouse for my birthday (I haven't worn it yet because it's not quite my birthday yet ;) ) that's peachy, so that's kind of close, right? I'll have to post a picture here in a couple weeks. :)
    Welcome to beauty blogging, my beautiful friend!
    jenni A.K.A. InnerBeautyGirl

  3. I can't do orange either but I am happy I found some fun beads and put some things together that you like. :) Thanks for the mention!!

  4. Fabulous dress! Great color & style for you :) but I echo your first poster... I haven't found an orange tone I can wear. I do alot of blue, esp. medium bright tones... periwinkle, bright navy.

    Orange flowers make me happy too :)

    Susan T from THSL

  5. I did think of one "orange" item I have in my accessories. (OK, so probably still more "peach" than orange, but I'm trying!) ;) I have a necklace strand of coral from when I lived in Okinawa. Haven't worn it in ages, but I just might have to pull it out and see if it will go with my birthday shirt. :)

  6. Orange is such a cheerful color. Even a little bit of it brightens my day. :)