Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Mixing prints

For months now, I've been reading about mixing prints. Instyle magazine posted this photo:

I really like the outfit on the right with the animal print and the green skirt. The outfit on the left is interesting too: variations on the same print.

Here's another photo:

Imagine it without a coat, and it's just different patterns in soft gray. You could do this in browns or blacks. I'd like to try this in browns with an orange blouse under the vest. Or gray with a green blouse.

And a summery look:

I have only put this into practice in small ways, like wearing a green cheetah print scarf and carrying a zebra print bag. I would like to do an autumn-colored variation on this with this scarf:

and this bag:

My daughter mixes her prints in a far bolder fashion, and I think it works well for her:

What do you think? Is this trend just too wild or too tricky to do in real life?


  1. My daughter does this all the time, and is successful at it. Most of my clothes have cartoon characters on them, so I really don't have a way to try...

  2. Heidi, I think pairing Goofy with Spiderman could be a unique fashion statement. ;)

  3. I don't mix prints very often. I have some fashion trauma from a spots and strips incident in the 80's.


  4. Oh. Fashion trauma. That's a whole series of posts...

  5. It's too scary for me! :) But them, I'm not very good at style things.... The picture with variations of a single pattern would be daring, for me. :)

  6. I'm looking rather frumpy today, and I'm wearing all solids, BUT my accessories are green. :D

  7. Ah this is so beautiful to see my scarf there!
    I love to combine print accesories with a splash of color to a solid outfit and match the color of my shoes to my accesories!
    Here is a shoe and scarf addict talking :)
    If being bold or combining prints too daring?
    Not at all, just pair it with a great smile and you are ready to go!
    With all my love
    aka Textilemonster