Friday, July 29, 2011

Fantasy Friday: Boden

Yesterday the Boden catalog arrived. Boden carries expensive clothing for a lifestyle I do not live. Their clothes are suitable for a windy walk near the lighthouse,

hanging out in the pasture,

a stroll down cobbled streets

or a rest on a park bench on a misty day.

The catalog is full of brightly patterned cardigans (it will be too warm to wear anything like this in the desert until November) and tall boots (again, too warm, and far out of my budget).

So I use the catalog as a lovely bit of fantasy to glimpse a life on a different continent (Europe), a life in which I would probably be chilly, but "chilly" sounds delightful on a July day in Las Vegas.

Even fantasy is useful though, because I saw two things in the catalog that I put on my fall wardrobe plan. I'm going to watch for a dark denim skirt

and a tweed skirt.

And these two photos tell me I might want a pair of gray tights too.

As I visit Ross and Marshall's and Penney's, I'll keep these in mind. It helps to have a plan, because without a plan I buy very pretty things that don't go with each other or anything else in my wardrobe, and that gets expensive because then I need more clothes to go with the new can see how important a plan is when you're on a budget.

Do you have a favorite catalog that you enjoy without ever placing an order?

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