Friday, July 29, 2011

Fragrant Shampoo

What? You think shampoo isn't colorful? Well, no, not really. Maybe you can think of fragrance as a sort of color that only your nose appreciates. Or something like that.

I was at Walgreen's today and I bought some huge bottles of Suave shampoo and conditioner. The shampoo is labelled "rosemary mint" but the fragrance is more like an entire herb garden. It was the only Suave I could find that didn't list sodium laureth sulfate in the ingredients. (SLS bothers our eczema.)

It didn't have the sharpness I expected from a rosemary fragrance--it was just very pleasant. As a mom of young children, my shower is a sort of mini escape, and fragrance enhances that.

Unfortunately I follwed the wonderful shampoo with "humectant" conditioner

which had a sort of industrial coconut fragrance. I am not a fan.

I found these photos at, and you can order 12 ounce bottles from there, but Walgreens has 32 ounce bottles for about the same price.

What do you look for in a shampoo?

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