Friday, July 22, 2011

Dashes of Orange

People tell me my wardrobe is well-coordinated. Actually, I just have a very simple color scheme: orange and green. I buy accessories in these colors, and most of my clothing is one color or the other. When I don't have accessories in quite the same shade as a green shirt, I wear orange with it instead. When I wear orange, I add green accessories. (I enjoy being an echo of the Irish flag.)

But recently I've extended my wardrobe to include items in basic colors: brown, blue and cream. I add the accessories I've been collecting to spice up those basics.

I have a photo of my outfit today, but it's foggy and the long ribbons on my bathroom mirror sneaked into the photo near my hair, and it just didn't work. So here's a shirt like mine:

I love it, but it's boring! I added color with a necklace from Penney's (which includes green and brown and white tones also--my shorts are green and my sandals were brown so it tied everything together), my orange watch (from the $10 store at the airport) and butterfly earrings from Dandy Apple.

By the way, Dandy Apple has fun hair clips too.

This necklace has similar tones to mine. In fact it's more fun than mine, but mine was on the clearance rack at Penney's for about four dollars so it gets points for affordability. A long necklace is important for this shirt's neckline. My necklace is only a few inches shorter than the shirt.

To really pull this outfit together, I should have worn my orange shoes:

but because it is over 100 degrees outside, I wore sandals instead, brown sandals to reflect the color in my necklace.

What's your spice-it-up color?


  1. Hey! Thanks so much for the shout out. Oh I love those orange shoes!!

  2. My "spice it up" color is teal. I have a couple different scarves, a few necklaces in different lengths and styles, brown sandals with a big teal/turquoise button near the toe. I have a favorite shirt that's cream with a teal paisley print that I wear with a brown skirt or blue jeans.

    The overall foundational color of my wardrobe is pink and anything in the rose/burgundy family, though I can slip into the plumbs/purples on occasion too. I pair this with blues and browns usually. I've always loved gray as a base neutral too, but it was hard to find the past few years. Seems like it's back "in" as I've been able to pick up a cute shirt, jacket and shoes in a range of gray shades this year.

  3. P.S. I totally love the classic look of the denim shirt you are wearing today. You can take it just about any direction with accessories! I would probably pair it with long, chunky burgundy tone accessories, or simple, classy pearls. :)

  4. Jenni, I love your thoughts on accessories! I hadn't thought of pearls. I have a long string of multicolored manmade pearls in brown and coral and cream tones.