Monday, July 25, 2011

Product Review: Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure

Sally Hansen's "complete salon manicure" does everything it promises. I truly do not need the top coat I usually apply over other polishes. This polish lasts almost a week, and if I do chip it a little, it layers very well, so the chips are easy to fix.

The shade pictured here is "Commander in Chic." It looked gray at but is actually plum. I like to wear it when I wear a brown blouse; I think it adds a touch of femininity without being foofy. It's a good summer color, but it will be perfect for fall too--with all the greens and rusts and peaches I'll wear. With the right accessories I think it would really pop with teal clothing also.

This shade is very similar to the purpley side of CoverGirl's Smoky Shadow Blast in Silver Sky.
If you're taking advantage of the sale on those Smoky Shadows, you might add Commander in Chic to your basket too. offers free shipping on a $25 order, so add some things from your shopping list(razor refills or paper towels or children's vitamins) and save yourself the shipping charge.

The silver side of the eyeliner is supposed to be an eye shadow, but as I said the other day, I find that it creases almost instantly. However, it makes a fun eyeliner. If I apply it early in the morning, it disappears by midafternoon, but it's easy to reapply. It's sparkly without being glittery, so it's very wearable every day--you don't have to save this for a night out.

Returning to the Complete Salon Manicure products, I did find that the brighter or more intense colors look smoother. The nude color I tried (Peachy Kean) was a little gloppy. My favorite shade is "Grass Slippers." It's a lime green I often wear on my toes.

The ring I'm wearing in the photo is my touch of green for the day. It's connemara marble and you can buy it at QVC. Or you can do what I did and watch ebay (use the "favorite searches" feature so you don't miss any new listings) and save half the price.

What's your favorite nail polish brand? What shade are you wearing this summer?


  1. Enjoying your blog... it is now in my "favorites" with Shari Braendel's blog "A Beautiful Place".
    Susan T

  2. Thanks, Susan! I'm having fun posting!

  3. That ring is very fun. I have a big connemara egg. ;) I'm wearing an old OPI shade - Didgeridoo Your Nails.

  4. OPI colors have such fun names.

  5. Tried to post here the other day but obviously something went wrong !
    Thanks for letting me know about your new blog - I've enjoyed having a wee look.
    As for nail varnish - I'm afraid I am a bit of a lightweight there - my finger nails mostly just get a shine with one of those buff sticks.

    On the other hand, toe nails always do get varnish - and i'm fickle with the colour - at the moment I like a nice dark red but I change a lot, I also like turquoise and silvery shades.