Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Best Wardrobe Assistance Ever

Last year I bought a new dress for Easter. I loved it. It had a big paisley pattern in peach and cream and black, an empire waist and a bit of an A-line skirt. We had family photos taken and when I saw the photos I gave the dress away. It was extremely unflattering!

A few months later I read Good Girls Don't Have to Dress Bad, by Shari Braendel. I learned about my body shape. And then I learned that big prints overwhelm me and straight skirts are more flattering than A-line. I also discovered that the belted tunic look is not my friend. I removed the belt from my favorite shirt and, according to the mirror, lost ten pounds.

Your body shape might be quite different from mine, and this book will give you all the information you need to figure that out. Maybe A-Line skirts and belted tunics are perfect for you! This will help you find your most flattering colors too!

The author is a Christian woman who encourages us to be modest (but not boring) and to be comfortable with our bodies the way God created them. She also includes tips for teaching our daughters about fashion from a Christian viewpoint. Focusing on inner beauty doesn't mean we have to be sloppy on the outside.

When I lost weight a year ago, I needed a whole new wardrobe. This book was so helpful as I chose colors and styles. It reminded me to buy basics--I am attracted to the bright colors and patterns and I forget that I need a white shirt or black slacks. This book saved me a lot of money because I was able to see what I really needed in my new wardrobe, and it also saved me time in the dressing room because I had a clear idea of what I needed.

Shari writes in an encouraging tone, and she includes Bible verses and her own testimony. I highly recommend this book for stay-at-home moms who don't want to look frumpy as well as career women who desire a polished wardrobe. If you've lost weight or gained weight and you're not sure what styles will work for you now, this book will help.

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