Thursday, July 28, 2011

More about Mixing Prints

The latest copy of Everyday with Rachael Ray arrived today, and it's not all about yummy food--there are a few style pages too!

One of the style articles was on the trend of mixing prints. Here's a page:

My personal opinion is that the leopard print shoes are a little too much, but I like the way the floral belt and the bracelet have colors in common, while the patterned shirt is completely different. The belt (or scarf worn as belt?) is not big enough to overpower the shirt; imagine a skirt in the belt pattern--that would just tooooo much.

I don't wear belts. They just don't work for my shape. If I had these pieces, I would wear the scarf as a scarf rather than a belt, and I'd choose earrings that matched it more obviously. I'd probably choose green as my main color (surprise!) for the skirt, bracelet, scarf and earrings. I like the way the blouse is a completely different, but neutral color.

A calmer option would be to carry a floral bag that went with the earrings and bracelet, and skip the scarf/belt.

The article, written by Gretta Monahan, says that floral prints in fall colors or navy will be popular this autumn, and suggests blending them with "microstripes." It also talks about zigzag prints, which I don't think I'm brave enough to pair with other patterns. Tribal patterns are in too (I've noticed this--I'm watching for just the right blouse at Ross), and the stylist advises us to wear one tribal-patterned article of clothing and one bold piece of tribal patterned jewelry, and keep everything else solid.

What do you think? Could you take pieces like this and blend them?

By the way, this issue of Everyday is full of fabulous recipes and a menu plan that looks a bit like Once a Month cooking. You'll want a copy of this.


  1. Could I take peices like that and blend them, yes. Will I, no. I honestly don't like the outfit or most of the pattern mixing outfits I have seen. I prefer to keep things simple with a sophisticated twist.

    Maybe a dip-dyed skirt paired with a geometric patterned shirt, a belt that has a buckle that echoes the pattern in the shirt, purse and shoes in a solid color. Teal will probably feture heavely in the color scheme, along with black, and white or cream.

  2. Okay, I give. What is this Ross place you mention?? I've not encountered it in the midwest or the mid-south. ???

  3. Ross Dress for Less is in Oregon and Nevada and probably other states too. See They have name brand stuff at seriously marked down prices. My husband finds shirts for $15 that are $50-200 elsewhere. Some of the brands I recognize, some I don't. Some things have small flaws, some are perfect. I bought a Calvin Klein dress for $30. They have home accessories too, in varying degrees of quality. Sometimes they have the same plates as Target and Pier One, but cheaper. Do you have Burlington Coat Factories? Ross is like those, but cheaper.

  4. I have Marshall's, TJMaxx, and Stein Mart. None of them are easy to navigate with kids, and all are 20-30 minutes away. I need to make a plan (you're so right about having a plan!) and then take a shopping-by-myself day.

  5. Ross has better prices than Marshall's and Stein Mart, but it is difficult to shop with children, and their children's section is very small.